Primary Source Gallery

There are an abundance of sources about the Clotilda shipmates, their descendants, Africatown’s founding, and the community’s life since 1865 all over Mobile, Alabama, and the United States. This page is intended to serve as a helpful tool for finding these photographs, documents, interviews, newspaper articles and more. 

We have created this live database to centralize and streamline your search for sources about Africatown. If you come across something which is not included here, please use our dropbox so that we might add it to the database. 



*This newspaper is in a microfilm collection at the Mobile Public Library. Please contact the Library for more access options.

Oral History Interviews

Letters, manuscripts & books

Maps & legal documents


Africatown: A mural by Jekki Esso (2023)

More images of the full mural and the artist

A guide to the Adinkra symbols in the mural