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Teach Africatown.

We are a community of educators committed to uplifting the 110 African survivors of the slave ship Clotilda and the story of Africatown, USA. Here you can browse primary and secondary sources, lesson plans, and facilitation guides about the Clotilda and Africatown, and connect with other educators committed to teaching an inclusive, complex, and truthful history of the United States.

A sign that reads "Welcome to Africatown" and lists the names of the neighborhoods in the community: Plateau, Magazine, Happy Hills, Kelly Hills, Lewis Quarters.

By educators, For educators

In June 2021, educators from Mobile, Alabama designed and implemented From Clotilda to Community: The History of Mobile, Alabama’s Africatown, a professional development program funded by a Landmarks grant from the National Endowment of the Humanities.

In an effort to expand the impact of this program to more educators, Teach Africatown was created. Now, we are proud to support educators–both here in Mobile and everywhere around the world–who are committed to sharing Africatown’s story.


Our diverse team of subject-matter and education experts understands–and is committed to meeting–the many needs of all educators.


Our work honors the legacy of the survivors of enslavement and is guided by their dreams of freedom and acts of resilience.


We believe that community and connection are at the core of education. All that we do, we do with care for the lives of those connected to this history.