Category: Social Studies

AfricaTown: Food, Identity, and Resistance

Students in Grades 9 through 12 will learn about food traditions from West Africa and trace their evolution and connection to well-known, traditional Southern dishes in order to understand food as an expression of culture and the influence of West African and African American traditions on Southern food culture.

How did Yoruba cultural values influence the building of Africatown?

Students in Grade 2 will study Yoruba and West African cultural values in order to understand how Kossula’s cultural values helped him to survive enslavement and led to the creation of Africatown. (Note: This is Part 4 of a 4-lesson unit plan. See “What were the Yoruba cultural values and traditions that Kossula and his […]

Examining the Alabama Slave Codes from 1833 to 1865 and its impact on Black individuals and their culture

Students in Grade 4 will examine the Alabama Slave Codes in order to understand how they differently affected the lives of both enslavers and those enslaved–specifically the Clotilda Africans.